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We founded the Manga school in 2014 in order to share my passion for Manga and Japanese Culture with the Canadiens. It’s the first school dedicated to Manga and Japanese Culture in Canada, that is founded by a Japanese person. 


The goal is to make strong bonds between Japan and Canada,  as well as with,  


 the other different cultures. The school has five teachers. Since 2014, more than 6000 students attended the classes, the day camps, the workshops.


Promotion of Japanese Culture in Canada 


The Manga school promotes Japanese Culture and Manga in Canada. The school is also the official partner of the city of Montreal and it’s 56 libraries. The school offers workshops to the citizens and participate in the main festivals such as Matsuri Japon and Otakuthon. The Manga is featured in this month’s,  Explomonde mangazine, Special issue on Japan!



Introduction to Manga drawing and Japanese culture


 Duration: 60 minutes


Workshop hosted by Cours de manga MONTRÉAL (, participants will be introduced to:


 · Learn Japanese language and culture

 · Manga drawing materials (paper, ink, pen, screen tone, etc.)

 · The basics of manga faces

 · Conveying emotions through facial expressions 

 · Eyes, nose, mouth and hair;

 · Beginning Bodybuilding


 *Please note that the courses will be in French.

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